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Build a kite

Kite building

Wood, paper and a string. That’s all it takes to build a kiten. It is a wonderful and relaxing way to be in nature. And there is nothing like flying a kite that you have made yourself.

We build a very simple kite, but it flies well and is easy to control. It’s first and foremost about decorating the kite. When you have finished decorating the canvas, we help to put sticks, lines and handles on. Then the kite is ready to fly.

Fanø is a really good place to fly kites. The beach is so big that it is easy to find a place to fly the kite without bothering others.

It takes approx. 1 hour to make a kite.

Price: DKK 125  per person

Age: approx. 4-14 years

Meeting place: Club Fanø, Sønderklit 4, Fanø Bad.


Also: Creative Workshop for Children

Duration: Approx. 1 hour.
Price: 125,- DKK. per person
Age: ca. 4-14 år
Meeting Point: Club Fanø, Sønderklit 4, Fanø Bad

Build a kite
Learn how to build and decorate your own kite