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City walk in Sønderho

City walk in Sønderho

Sønderho is the epitome of cosiness. Denmark’s most beautiful village Sønderho is romance and history, but also a village with a very active cultural life.

The small village on the southern tip of Fanø is famous for its many beautiful houses from the 18th and 19th centuries. Walking around Sønderho is like being taken 150 years back in time. The village hides a lot of exciting stories. From the heyday, when sailing ships from Sønderho sailed the world’s oceans to today’s Sønderho, which has become the home for many artists.

Experience Sønderho together with our guide Helen Dörte Mähler. Helen is originally from Germany, but has lived in Sønderho for many years and is now considered “one of our own”.

Price: DKK 125 for adults

The trip lasts approx. 1-1.5 hours.  parkeringsplads ved Sønderho Kirken

Meeting place:  The parking next to Sønderho Church