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Oriental Dance

Oriental Dance

Everyone can learn to dance Oriental dance. No prerequisites are required – except the desire to begin. Come and try “belly dancing” – it is good for both body and soul and a gentle form of exercise. And it’s all about having fun.

It’s not just the stomach that you use. The whole body is used when dancing. Hips, abdomen, shoulders, head, arms and hands are used in the dance.

Oriental dance is one of the oldest forms of dance in the world and is still danced in many places in the Middle East. The interest has spread to other parts of the world including Denmark. It is dance and movement, and then it is also a gentle one for exercise, which gives minimal risk of injury and wear and tear on the knees and back.

Instructor is Ragnhild Kallehauge, who has been dancing oriental dance for 20 years. Ragnhild has been Fanø’s face on the outside of the tourist office for many years, but she now concentrates on the dance.

There is a short warm up and then instruction in some of the basic steps. Ragnhild has a short choreography with her, which we learn as best we can. She also has hip belts with her. Remember to bring comfortable clothes; something you can move in.

For everyone between 12 and 100 years.

Duration: 1,5 hour. Price 125 kr.

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