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Seal Safari

Seal Safari, the top attraction on Fanø

A hike with our guide to the seal bank is one of the great experiences on Fanø. The gallows reef is the best place in the Wadden Sea National Park to experience both the harbor seal and the gray seal. There can be up to and 400 seals, which lie and sunbathe in the sand.

At low tide we walk the approx. 1.7 km from Sønderho Strand to Galgerevet on the dry seabed. It is a trip where the whole family can join. We make stops several times along the way and talk about the strange creatures we meet. And feel the wind and the fresh air.

In the summer, the trip can be done barefot, otherwise rubber boots are a good idea. REMEMBER that it is usually colder and windier the further we get out to seabed. It is possible to rent rubber boots for DKK 25 at Club Fanø, Sønderklit 4a in Fanø Bad.

The seabed is solid, so it is possible to take a stroller, a tow truck or similar with you for small children who cannot walk all the way. It is also possible to have a dog on a leash.

Price: DKK 150 for adults, 60 children 4-14 years

The trip lasts approx. 2 hours.

Meeting place: On the beach at the end of Sønderho Strandvej in Sønderho