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Bubble fodbold

Bubble Ball Soccer

Bubble Ball Soccer has become a big hit all over the world. Not familiar with the sport? Think regular soccer played inside giant, protective, bouncing bubble suits. Fun for all ages, players run, jump, flip, bounce, and bump into each other in a wild attempt to score goals.

Bubble Ball is a fun event for a family gathering or on a holiday trip to Fanø. We can make Bubble Ball events anywhere on the island. The only thing we need is a lawn.

All summer we make bubble Ball Soccer at Feldberg Strand Camping in Rindby. If possible we divide the teams in age groups, so everybody have fun and feel safe.

It is also possible to make family tournaments, where adults and children play together. The referee will make sure, that everybody is having fun.

 A game is 15 minutes, then you need a break.

 We have bubble balls in 2 sizes:
A model for children up to 50 kg.
A model for larger children and adults.

 Bubble Balls are in different qualities. We use Bumperz, a Danish quality products that meets EU standards for plastic products.

Price pr. person: 125,- DKK.
Ager: Aprox. from 6 –
Meeting point: Melbjergvej 1, Rindby