Club Fanø's branch at Sønderklit 4 ai Fanø Bad is both a kite shop, activity center, bicycle rental, and booking agency for our many activities.

We sell kites for large and small. We have a very large selection of kites from HQ, Wolkenstürmer, Spiderkites and CIM. From simple child-friendly kites to trick kites and trainer kites for those who have developed a taste for kite flying.

We also have a large selection of beach chairs, shovels, beach animals and much more for a fun and exciting day at the beach.

If you want to try to find amber on the beach, we have the well-known amber lights from Ravfind, from the very cheap to the most luxurious UV lights. If you use them in the dark, the chance of finding amber is much greater.

Contact us on 42 41 25 65, on or come down to one of our stores.

We rent quality bicycles from Cykelservice Aabenraa.
The shop in Fanø Bad is our activity centre, where we do a wide range of activities for both children and adults.


Club Fanø is an activity center that offers 15 different creative experiences for both children and adults.


Club Fanø is an activity center that offers 15 different creative experiences for both children and adults.

How do we clean?

We use a wide range of smart tools that make it easier and more efficient to reach the dirty corners.

Who is Club Fanø?

My name is Sylvia Berges Hidalgo and I have a small family company that started in 2016 with excursions and tourist activities for children. Since then, we have continuously expanded the number of activities, so that we now also have plenty of beach and water activities, such as block kart, kite-landboarding, kitesurf. In 2022 we took over the company Kites & coffee, which also did beach activities, but is mostly known for its shop with kites. We now have 2 shops with a large selection of kites for children and adults, for the beginner and the expert.

Where can you find us?

At Kirkevejen 37 in Rindby Strand, we have a beach shop with kites, beach equipment, bicycle rental and SUP equipment.

At Sønderklit 4 in Fanø Bad, we have a beach shop and activity center where we have both kites and beach equipment, but also do workshops with kite building and other creative activities. Here, of course, we also rent out bicycles.

Can you see seals?

Yes, Fanø is one of the best places in Denmark to see seals. They are everywhere and can even be seen in the harbor in Nordby.

The most spectacular place to see seals is Galgerevet, where in the summer there are several hundred seals, both the common spotted seal and the rarer gray seal. We do walks on the seabed to Galgerev most of the year.

Can all ages participate?

Almost all of our activities are for the whole family. This applies to seal safaris, block art, one-wheelers, kiteland boarding and the creative activities. City walks are probably mostly for adults and older children, and kitesurfing is also mostly for young people and adults. We have something for all ages.